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Amanda Moule

Child and Family Counselling, Couple Therapy, Individual Counselling

My life has been a long road of being brave and wearing a mask. It has included: pain, self-awareness, responsibility and self-growth. It took 33 years to remove my mask and face the world without that protection. I have survived childhood sexual abuse and a violent assault as a teen. I’ve lived through facing my abusers and in court.

Having struggled with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and marriage problems due to my traumas, I feel I can be a safe place for others. I have done the messy healing of my traumas. I know what it takes. And now, as a counsellor, I can help others to heal.

Locations: Abbotsford and Online

Availability: Monday through Friday

Rates: $120/ 50 min session

Specialty: Youth (12+), Young Adults (19 - 29), Adults, Couples

Amy Anzinger

Individual Counselling

Consultation Team

Child and Family Counselling, Couple Therapy, Individual Counselling

When you book with the Consultation Team, your consult request will be assigned to whichever counsellor is free. If no counsellor is free at the specific time, we will contact you to figure out the next best time for you.

If you have any questions or problems, you can always contact the office directly at or 604.358.7580.

Dwayne Mason

Individual Counselling

Dwayne has worked with people in addictions and the related issues for over 24yrs. It was through the volunteer work he did building homes for people in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic over 7yrs which is when he realized his fulfilment in life could be realized by service to others. He loves to plant the seed of hope and watch it grow in those that have lost this in their life. Dwayne’s experience with starting and running his own successful company, challenging himself with running Marathons, International high altitude Mountaineering, and world travel have given Dwayne a unique perspective on the possibilities for one’s life when reaching for its potential and purpose. Dwayne is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with a specialty in addictions and their family and friends and is continuing his 7yr Existential Analyst Training with Existential Canada. Dwayne enjoys spending time hiking, working with his hands, fishing, and traveling.

Locations: Vancouver and Online

Availability: Thursdays and by request.

Rates: $140/ 50 min session

Specialty: Adults (19+)

Grace Deby

Individual Counselling

My personal journey of self-discovery started well over 30 years ago, which gives me deep compassion and acceptance of anyone on a similar path. My insight and intuitive skills allow me to recognize the most supportive approach for anyone in their healing process. I honour the power of the mind and the intelligence of the body. Allowing me to lead my clients toward their goals, and towards a sense of love and belonging. I offer a safe environment to move through feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and grief.

Location: Online

Availability: Sundays and Thursdays.

Rates: $120/ 50 min session

Specialty: Adults (19+)

Maggy Boucher

Child and Family Counselling, Individual Counselling

As a counsellor, I use my life experience to connect with my clients. I have lived my own transformation. I learned that the path forward is sometimes tricky and filled with uncertainty. I have always sensed a higher power supporting me. Connecting to this higher power has allowed me to give up my past anxious and frenetic controlling behaviours. I believe my clients find me for a reason, and there is a purpose behind them seeking help from me—so I answer the call, and I show up to support. I encourage others to see the light, the gift, the beauty within themselves.

Locations: Surrey and Online

Availability: Saturdays and by request most other days of the week.

Rates: $120/ 50 min session

Specialty: Adults (19+), Children and Young Adults

Marion Baker

Child and Family Counselling, Couple Therapy, Individual Counselling

After decades of thinking that the way to happiness is working hard to change my life circumstances, I was at the point of burnout. I finally went on a transformational journey that took me through inner change—my real awakening. I was able to let down my guard, work through my guilt and pain and be my real, authentic self, which ACTUALLY led to a change in life circumstances that included my happiness. I’m good at helping people access their subconscious messaging, let go of guilt and pain and re-acquaint themselves with their true feelings and instincts. 

Locations: Hope and Online

Availability: As of November 25, 2021, Marion is only taking on new clients for in-person appointments in Hope or by special requests for online appointments. Marion’s schedule is not consistent and it is best to email her directly to book an appointment. Also, her schedule and access to Hope and the Internet have been affected by the recent landslides and flooding in the area.

Rates: $140/ 50 min session

Specialty: Adults (19+), Couples, Family Counselling with Adults

Mike Shea

RTC/Certified Recovery Specialist
Individual Counselling

I am actively involved in a life of service as a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, a Recovery Coach, and a Certified Recovery Specialist. My work has taken me around North America (I am a dual citizen of US and Canada). With compassion and open mindedness, I help others to find their own recovery and wellness path.

I also aid, using the evidenced based method CRAFT, family and friends in finding helpful and healthy strategies in dealing with loved ones they are concerned about.

I am in long term recovery and have explored a number of paths in my exploration of self and in my desire to grow and find meaning in this crazy thing we call life. Perhaps my greatest teachings have been in the school of hard knocks; I’ve been there and hence am uniquely qualified to better understand those in the midst of their struggle.

In my free time, I can be found in nature with my dogs, playing tennis or pickleball, breaking bread with friends and family, enjoying some “throttle therapy” on my motorcycle, or simply chilling with a good book.

Location: Online Only

Rate: $140/ 50 min session

Specialty: Adults (19+), Addiction

Rebecca Helps

Child and Family Counselling, Couple Therapy, Individual Counselling

I grew up thinking people didn’t want me around and that I was fundamentally flawed. I developed walls to protect myself by keeping people at bay. People can’t reject you if you don’t let them get close. This left me alone, exhausted, anxious, depressed and afraid. I knew I had to do something, and in taking a leap of faith to heal myself, I started my journey to become a counsellor. Having broken down my walls and healed my wounds, I want to help other people to do the same. To find their way out of their dark and lonely places and into a more friendly world.

Locations: Port Moody and Online

Availability: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. And Fridays by request.

Rates: $140/ 50 min session

Specialty: Adults (19+), Children and Young Adults, Couples, Family Counselling with Minors, Family Counselling with Adults